Once the project begins I will…

  • Act as a liaison between owners and vendors providing a critical eye for quality control
  • Recognize and resolve conflict, providing creative and cost effective
  • Deliver detailed reports, including pictures
  • Manage and respond to costs and payment requests from project participants including the architect, engineer, and contractor
  • Attend weekly meetings on site to oversee planning and progress

And when the project is complete I will…

  • Review the property for defects and/or deficiencies and transmit such information to the responsible parties
  • Assist you in occupying the property with referrals of movers, organizers, and personal lifestyle vendors.


  • “I was able to enjoy 4 weeks away in Europe because I knew Heidi had everything under control!”
  • “On just the carpeting alone, Heidi’s negotiating skills saved me over $20,000!”
  • “Heidi’s expertise saved me time, money, and my sanity.”